Master basic camera functions and more

If you know absolutely nothing or maybe a little bit about your camera but feel like you are missing something, our camera basic tutoring session are made just for you! You will learn how to use important manual functions like shutter speed, aperture and ISO. This will be done inside or outside, your preference.
We also offer sport-specific tutorials, so if you’ve always wanted the inside scoop on shooting football, soccer or virtually any sport … we need to talk. The bottom line is, take the opportunity to take control of your camera and get off those auto settings!!

puppy outdoors black white


You will learn how to use your camera and lens in various lighting conditions outside.

puppy outdoors black white


Learn how to use basic light modifiers and composition best practices that will help you take better photos.

puppy outdoors black white

1 HOUR – $100
2 HOUR – $175

Learn how to use your camera and lens by moving beyond the automatic settings. We will also cover where and when to shoot with regard to the sport that you are interested in covering. We will focus on depth of field, shutter speeds, field position and equipment and techniques needed to capture those stunning sports photos you have always dreamed of.